Pre-Travel Haul! carry-on, monograms & more!

Hi you guys! In the next two weeks I will be traveling to Oregon, to visit my mom for Thanksgiving break! You know what that means, shopping. I had to get a few things for my travels, and I thought I would share it with you!

Today I thought I would share with you my personal tips and tricks for planning and packing, specifically about carry-ons! Personally I absolutely love packing! I can (and do) spend hours trying to figure out exactly what I will be bringing.

The first thing you have to figure out is, what bag you will be using. There are plenty of options. In my opinion, the best type of bag is a crossbody. Last week I went over to Target to find the perfect carry-on for me. I ended up getting a a relatively cheap black crossbody with gold accents, by the Merona brand. I could not find the exact one I got, but this one is pretty similar:

After finding the perfect bag for you, you have to figure out what you need to bring with you. Obviously, first of all, you need a wallet. Always remember to bring a form of ID with you, and money (because stuff at the airport is very expensive). Then if you are a girl, you always need to have some form of lady products. (tampons or pads, whichever you prefer). I also like to have some cleansing wipes with me too, just in case. Of course, remember a phone charger. A portable charger is nice too, because it can be hard to find an outlet at the airport sometimes. Oh, and do not forget the gum!!!!!!! You will hate yourself if you forget a pack of gum, and your ears will hate you too. Then as the over-packer I am, I bring a long list of other things that I consider must-haves! Here is my carry-on packing list:
cleansing wipes
-phone charger
-portable charger
-form of ID
-eye drops
-hair tie
-contact case
-mini hairbrush
-makeup remover wipes

Also, you can not forget the always amazing SewphisticatedNC! Today I unbox my package from Brittany! I am head-over0heals with my new quarter zip pullover, perfect for a day at the airport! Then of course, Brittany sent me a surprise, because she is just too sweet! This crossbody is also the perfect carry-on for the ultimate light packer!

Go get you some cute monogrammed stuffed from SewphisitcatedNC! Thank you again Brittany as always 🙂

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