Quick Review – Canon Deluxe Backpack 200EG

Review of the Canon 200EG Camera Bag.
I picked this camera bag up for my lady.
She also got a new camera.
Since she’s always out and about with our dogs Bender and Pepper, I figured a backpack style camera bag might help.
She carries lots of stuff.
The goal is to use 1/2 the backpack for the camera and give
her some room to lighten the load by using the other 1/2 for whatever.
The bag is really well constructed, has lots of padding all the way around.
Tons of pockets to stuff things. Has a chest and waist strap.
Nice Zipper pulls and zippers.
Has some weather protection.
An organizer system with customization and its removable.
Thick nylon and has loops to attach camera equipment like a tripod.
It’s a decent bag and it feels sturdy.
I think it’ll last a long time.
You can find these bags in lots of places.

Amazon.com has a ton of reviews about the bag.
Comments, suggestions, questions, or advice is welcomed.
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