RAMOLINO. I C v w fe ray Actriez M. Ure Rose 1933-75 Embrasiabel’ ‘ Ure’sChauffeur Schumacher

RAMOLINO Imperatore Capsulātus V.W.Fernando Ray.
Valentine Wladziu (fernando) Ramolino Ray Reinado ( Capsulātus Imperatore). Capsulet l Ray Ramolinos’- Fernando Ray. To Ralph Reader C.B.E. AC..25.5.1903-13.5.1982.
Is this Godfeys de Bournemouth?’
“Elo? Is the Palace Court Hotel, here with Jim Davidson”.
She jus compos Byr Ray Valentine Ramolinos ”
Elo…that ALLE titel – u drive for her?”
Ja! I drove Miss Schumacher CBE,To es triomphe of the will is to distorted by kinder, challenge fatalite big sTrugel. “Ja! Ramolino torte George l for famille Bonaparte Napoleon”
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‘Mary Rose. Theis, sa QUESTO what come 2me flite 4u, Pal..I wrot eit 4 new song MORNING I’
Es cal: ‘morning’? Es not MORNIG uers es compos by.TchaiKOVski! U Nit – Sound nise song.can you SING eit liek * Pal?
. She: Mary. vittora deutsch. ”
U Les Tand questo s’HIP MONEKY idiot.
She were no Deutsch, u FOOL absolata! Nit idiots incorporate!”. She wer as HOMBRE beauty like a MAN, Sire.
“Embrasabl – ure’ ?” Mac Crimeas-Cal ‘Il Corporal’
Ja Actriz theis discover would have 2b Mary Ure 1933-1975 EmbrasbWlhere Eagaless Daren x
“Itt wer maid one on her Isel Of Wight, Sire.”
Daren? El entendimiento de un músico de la lengua de melodía en la música, este en tributo to Palace Court Hotel stayed The Beatles..gracias Rosemary.
‘Ha visto usted a Rosemary golpear las llaves de piano? Me pregunto qué esto pensaría haber escrito las canciones más artísticas del veinte primer siglo en el mundo?’ Dedicate: renown no ill repute Scottish stage actriz beaty Mary Ure (Where Eagles Dare) b1933 d.1975 Age 42.
:Lncx, (Danke) witd v ideo als escrito por el compositor SWISS PASS El científico va a ecplain 2u bette como el ser humano desarrolla la capacidad para de Operación la Intolerancia – Operacion Big E Tore… scientiste may ecplain 2u bette how the human-being develop capacite para aquella de Intolerancia de Operación. Es explane ‘Sommer graveyard’ & may show how she-hope-at-lest. Theis dedicato fernando ray comoseir skittles y snooker kiss, “U-Pass” were finess werdes ever spoken to me by yung lady about 18 nothsm ago. She little inept may be to curcumstance but true to this thing I only came to no as calle love which resue the underdog from: ‘Sommer Scrapheap’.- after the concentration camp survivor Alice Herz-Sommer (26 November 1903 — 23 February 2014) pianist in Theresienstadt concentration camp.
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Tusk give: El Mizto – woman persuent 2 gentel carier but under private instruction wtic 2 becom elle Presidencia – place of existing monarch.
Serieux luv stoieri music:- ROMEO & JULIET (1869) – Russo compositeur: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
EMBRACEABLE U (1928: EAST IS WEST – unpublished) – United States of the Americas: George Gerofe Gershwin.
PIANO CONCERTO NU 1 (1874-75) – Tchaikwosky
Performe 4bY: Nicola Ray c – Grantham
Instrument suplyed fim: Godfrey Fur Bournemouth / tribut 2 Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra . . Godfrey’s 2