Ray Blake Little Blue Notebook

In this video I open a little package that arrived from Ray Blake in England. I have purchased two notebooks from him in the past. One the regular Midori sized Camel and a Fieldnote size Camel. What arrived today was a new item he is making now called Little Blue.

Little Blue is a great Fieldnote size notebook that will make a wonderful wallet. The leather is saturated with this beautiful blue color. IT is firm, but soft and holds it shape.

For more information about Ray Blake and his notebook please visit his web page. http://www.mylifeallinoneplace.com

The colorful insert I show a few pages of are taken from a challenge that you can find on the webpage below.

Listersgottalist – http://www.listersgottalist.com

The notebook by Ray Blake came with 2 inserts. The first was a grey Moleskine lined notebook. the second was the Monthly Plan Pack. A wonderful undated month on 2 pages, week on 2 pages, and list pages.

Here is the link to find this –


I also mention Marsia Bramucci’s week on 2 pages. It is a great insert and you can find it here. https://www.etsy.com/transaction/1022844565

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