Review of the Clever Wallet from the Dollar Tree (Wallet Series 1 of 3)

Clever Wallet
So, I’m on the quest for a new wallet and this is video 1 of 3.
I bought and used 3 different wallets this is the first.

The Clever Wallet from the Dollar Tree.
Minimalist / Front Pocket Wallet
Rigid Plastic with a clam shell design.
Has an accordion style divider inside with a mirror.
Holds up to 6-10 cards
Or Less with cash, which needs to be folded.
Reminds me of an Altoids tin or a more modern styled wallet.
*Smooth Plastic
*4 inches in length
*2 inches in width
*1/4 inch thick
*mirror strip
*accordion card / ID holder
Over all it’s worth a buck and can be customized.
It’s kinda cool..
Just maybe not for me.
I’m a little old school and I like wallets that look like wallets.
This kind of reminds me of an Altoids Tin.
Or a plastic box that your parents would give you as a pretend wallet.
I think it’s great for a buck.
My quest for a new wallet continues..
Wallet number 2 is very nifty.

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