RFID Signal Safe Leather and Fabric Wallet

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Men’s RFID Blocking Leather and Fabric Wallet protecting your identity and credit/ATM card information Protecting your money and identity!

• Concerned about being electronically pick pocketed?
• Are you concerned that your identity could be stolen while you go about your day?
• You don’t want to have a tin can for a wallet?

Introducing the RFID Signal Safe Fashion Wallet for your peace of mind!• RFID Shielding for each credit card
• Keep your credit card information secure.
• Relax in knowing your wallet is protecting your identity from being stolen.
• Keeping your credit and ATM card information safe from being stolen.
• The only way to protect your identity and credit.

Genuine Leather – Handmade from the best leather; uses the best RFID shielding material.

• LifeStyle – Protecting your identity and credit without sacrificing your sense of Quality & Style.

• Secure – Stops thieves before your identity is comprised by having your identity stolen by your credit cards.

• Peace of Mind – Don’t be that person on the news telling his story about how his identity was stolen by someone standing next to him scanning the information from his credit cards.

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