Safe Guard

High Quality
The All New Safe-Guard, Double the Size of the Aluma Wallet! The Largest Aluminum Wallet you have ever seen! It is specially designed to fit Lebanese Notes, so you don’t have to even fold them! Safe-Guard the lightweight and slim brushed aluminium wallet that easily holds it all. It is both fashionable and functional. Sleek, ultra slim, trendy, super light and virtually indestructible. Protect against RFID scanners used to steal credit cards. This compact wallet made of Aluminum, can organize and hold all your items safely and securely. Super Large – Full Size Wallet: 18 cm long Designed for both men and women. Secure Protection For: – Cellphone Almost Any Type. – Identity – Driver’s Licence – Money , up to 40 Large Bills – Credit Cards – Business Cards All In One place. Available Colors: -Black -Purple -Pink -Blue -Dark grey -Green -Gold -Red