Sandman Speaks with Erin Pizzey – MGTOW

Late last week when I went to the Domestic Violence Symposium in Toronto I had a chance to speak with Erin Pizzey before she made her presentation. And she told me that women in
Los Angeles were terrified that there were no men interested in them. She mentioned that these women were mostly forty to forty five years of age and that the prospect of remaining single for the rest of their lives was not sitting well with them. Erin Pizzey mentioned that these women were terrified of men shunning them and MGTOW. And I thought this was interesting that she was talking about this. She even mentions men going their own way at the end of the talk I’m adding the description below. She also spoke to me about the current version of the men’s rights movement. I got the feeling that she had seen men organize a number of times in the past before in a vain attempt to fight feminism. And she wondered why this time the men’s rights movement was continuing to grow and gain momentum. The gentlemen doing the audio for the event said that this time there was more of a sense of brotherhood behind the men involved in the movement. Erin went on to say that she had seen it destroyed in the past due to in fighting between men. She didn’t elaborate but I think a lot of that had to do with fight for power and leadership. As I’ve found on my MGTOW channel men are naturally competitive and try to one up each other for power and authority. But that won’t work to help either Men going their own way or the Men’s Rights Movement. Men going their own way need to continue to show other men the raw deal behind relationships in general and get to that work. And Men’s Rights needs to expose the corruption and follow the money behind feminism. Men’s rights groups need a smoking gun when it comes to feminism. They need to discredit them by exposing corruption and mismanagement of money. Feminism is a billion dollar industry and men’s rights activists need to show how corrupt feminists use women to achieve their own financial goals. If feminists can be publicly humiliated and shown as interested in money more then they are interested in the well being of women then that would go far to discredit them.

Erin Pizzey – Domestic Violence Symposium

Angry Harry