Screaming Meanie

Screaming Meanie 220 Alarm Clock and Countdown Timer (Model TZ-220) Demo: You’ll find out why the Screaming Meanie is the world’s loudest portable battery operated alarm clock… 120dB… and why it’s perfect for truckers, students, businessmen and women, people who travel, or anyone who has problems waking up. You’ll see how you can’t sleep through the alarm because it’s a continuous alarm (it won’t shut off by itself after a period of time) and requires two hands to turn off. Chapters are now available to quickly find out How to Set the Clock, How to Set the Alarm, Use the Pre Alarm, How to Turn Off the Alarm, Change the Volume Settings , Use the Personal Panic Alarm, Use the Audio Homing Beacon, Use the Battery Check / Backup Light, and How to Change the Battery. You’ll learn how to toggle between the Alarm Clock and Countdown Timer. Visit my website at or Call Toll Free at 1-888-205-4477 to find out more.