Spigen Neo Hybrid Ex iPhone 6s Case Review – 2016

I’m going to review this Spigen Neo Hybrid Ex iPhone 6s case. This one is for the iPhone 6s plus and the 6 plus but they do come in different sizes and colors. I’m going to give you the pros and the cons, I do the research so you don’t have to!
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Now, unlike my other fake unboxings (I usually use a product at least a month before I review it), I lost the inside of this package. I’ve had this case probably close to six months now, and can’t find the inside packaging. Anyway, I can’t do one of my little fake unboxings for you, but I’m going to show you what you get in the box.
You’re going to get, of course, the case itself. Also, make sure that you get your certificate of authenticity from Spigen. That’s going to assure that you’ve got the real deal. Always make sure you’ve got that.
Now, this particular iPhone 6s case comes in two pieces. One is a clear bendable casing. That makes it very easy to put on. I found, so far, that it holds up with fingerprints pretty well. Haven’t had major problems with that. You also get a PC or a polycarbonate bumper as well. Once I get it on, I’m going to show you it matches up almost exactly.
Let’s show you how easy this is to put on here. To slide it on, really easy. I learn this trick from someone on… I think it was Amazon. They said an easy to put this case on, “Turn it over. Put that corner on first,” and bam, it’s on. That’s really quick and easy. You’ll hear it snap into place.
This is a beautiful case. It really is. I mean, this case is absolutely gorgeous. If you’ve got a rose gold iPhone 6s, you’re going to do yourself a favor by getting this particular case. That rose gold matches up near perfectly. Just want to let you get a look at that.
One of the other things about this Spigen Neo Hybrid Ex iPhone case is that it’s very light. One of the things that I don’t like is that it adds just a little bulk in terms of the width of the phone itself and it’s going to take a little used to, if you’re like me.
Now, one of the things I kind of have problems with is my car charger not fitting my Spigen iPhone cases, which is sometimes a hindrance for me, and I’ll choose another brand just because of that. I hate taking my phone out of its case just to charge it if I’m in the car. Now, this is my old one here. This is just a car charger I picked up at RadioShack, and I know this doesn’t fit. You can see it doesn’t go in all the way. It might look like it on this video, it does not go in all the way and it won’t charge.
This is a Spigen Neo Hybrid Ex iPhone 6 case is beautiful case overall. You can see that matches up pretty much perfectly. I want to zoom in here. Take a look up in here. You can see there’s a little gap right there. I think that adds to the illusion, because it kind of makes it look like this is almost suspended in air a little bit and just wrapped around your iPhone. I really do love this iPhone 6s case and can’t wait to use it, now that I know I’ve got that car charger that works well.