Super Sako – Moving on

*Jail Guards*
Aint nobody talking when im talking fellas ,
so shut the fuck up.
Following items you placed in the envelope
As a column off.
An Empty wallet, legal paperwork.
First 3 out of the tank.
line up single file homie bench
let’s go, open your mouth stick out your tongue
alright do your ears one at a time
k bend your heads over shake it off with your fingers.
Hands above your head, hands out in front of you, over.
Move those fingers reach down and lift up your nut sacks.
Drop your nut sacks, get back in place.
Turn around, one foot at a time pick it up and wiggle your toes, other foot.
k bend over grab your ass and spread your chicks and give me two good coughs.
Hey fella Saint Sarkis you have a attorney visit.

Hi Sarkis, I know your not talking to the cops,
but you need to help me to help you.
You need to tell me exactly what happened.
Tell me tell me the story give me something to help you, its going to stay between us.

*Super Sako*
I met this girl she rocked my world
late night conversations to be my girl
she said yes i replied baby
You could be my lady
we going to make a baby
Later that night dressed up right
Quarter on the phone baby lets get a bite
Something wasn’t right i thought i heard a fight
I asked her whats up she said don’t trip
What you mean cont trip why you whispering
And who that on the background all screaming shit

Oh pardon me is that your brother?
Is he talking about you cant have a lover?
I guess you don’t know that im a good guy
We could take it real slow you aint got to lie.
Baby you don’t know his a scary guy.

Should go so far away,
because i don’t want to see your face.
The love that i had is gone, its gone.
And do you know whats so sad?
Your the biggest player that i had.
But now im finally moving on.

*Super Sako*
A week later she calls me up
On the creep hour by 5 o’clock
I picked her up in my black range
She had a good look but she acting strange
I said listen girl you asked me for chance
She said ok so i started to slow play
My hand moving on her belly, she said no way
So i got near her she said not here
And it was obvious i had the cost clear
I pushed it to the crib now we on the couch
Lip to my lip i got a tight grip
Imma handle this one baby don’t trip
Now shes getting wild acting like a kitty cat
imma play the mouse nah imma play the dog
Im going to get it raw, imma break her up
feels so good i think im in love.

Should go so far away,
because i don’t want to see your face.
The love that i had is gone, its gone.
And do you know whats also so sad?
Your the biggest player that i had.
But now Im finally moving on.

*Super Sako*
Its getting serious cant get her off my mind
Stock looking outside through my window blinds
When i think of her is when i know im sure.
When she cross my mind yah my vision go blur
Pick up the phone like baby where you at
And all i get is baby listen imma hit you back
So i text her like meet me at the W
And hollow back and tell me when you going to come threw
Quarter to 9 my baby showed up
Right when i walked in i heard the door now
Here comes the champagne its going to be a special night
Went out of my way to just make the day go right
Open the door im like who is this
Its when he walked in all screaming loud
I knew that voice man it was her brother
I said i love your sister i hope you know that
He started screaming
that’s when he attacked me I had to pull out my knife
And looked down at the floor
Damn there was allot of blood
That’s when i realized i took her husbands life
DAMN ~Woman crying~

*Chorus X2*
Because everything we’ve been through
i don’t even care, you can leave it right there.
Because if you want to go you should go so far away

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