Tactical Pen REVIEW Maxpedition Spikata in Aluminium Christmas gifts?

Link to the product: http://www.heinnie.com/maxpedition-spikata-pen-aluminium

This is the best pen I have ever owned. It’s a nice tactical solid metal pen that takes Fisher Space Pen refills (Important, because these refills write in the rain, upside down, in space… literally and they write so smooth and wonderfully). It feels really nice to use and even just to hold. I think it cost me £36 or something, so certainly not a “cheap” pen, but wow you can really tell the quality.

Maxpedition are internationally known for their high quality products and this pen is no exception. If you want a smaller tactical pen, something that looks good, feels good, writes good and can make you smile, you should think about getting one.

It would make a great gift ( Christmas presents ? ) and fit into both categories of gifts for her and gifts for him. While it is a smaller pen which may appeal to women more than big chunky pens, it has a nice look to it to match it’s solidity that guys love. Don’t buy them a cheaper pen, get that special someone a nice solid pen that just works. It even came with a legitimate Fisher Space Pen refill instead of a cheapo Schmidt refill like most other brands I have bought do.