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“Hi Sandman, I’ve been a sissy all my life, feeling victimized and weakened by society and the people around me; a real blue pill mangina. Since finding your channel, I’m slowly shifting my perspective and would consider myself a purple pill man. I’m 48, and teamed up with my fiancée 15 years ago, and we have always lived together. We have two kids, she one from a former marriage. I intend to stay with all of them. I do, after all love my fiancée more than I let the bad sides of female behavior destroy me. And she love-needs me too, to do all kinds of things she can’t including cooking, boiling eggs or potatoes, operating her tv set for her, the house, heating system and cutting her guinea pigs’ claws. I also open the garage door and do other such impossible life tasks that women are incapable of these days. She also makes my life easier in several ways, basically by earning money and supporting me. She is also honest and faithful and dislikes most about the third and even second wave feminist movements. To make things more brief, my issue is with the jobs market. I’ve been unemployed several times and for long times in between jobs. I’m an urban planner for the official, politically ruled sectors of society. Feminist policies have made municipal organisations hire by based on affirmative action. So I was sacked from my last temporary job I held for only six months in favor of a woman getting the job permanently, in spite of her qualifications being much inferior to mine. This was tree years ago. I still manage to support myself
in terms of food and clothing, but basically little else. I would not be able to afford to live on my own if I wanted to as things now stand, so it is fair to say that my quote unquote “wife” to whom I am unmarried to supports me. I think this is fair because women have lived off their employed husbands for centuries. So why is this a crime now for men not to work? I am the housewife now. Unfortunately, I don’t enjoy it. I want to be able to support myself and save money for the future benefit of my kids and to reduce the risk of them ending up living in poverty. Ironically, when I met my fiancée, it was I who made it possible for her to secure a job, because she was not able to finish her academic paper that would lead to an exam that was required for her job. I tell you all this just to make it easier for you to suggest an appropriate course of action for me: You seem very good at entrepreneurship. I’m not. Therefore, to get a job ever again at my age or later, I probably need to come up with something. Or perhaps you do! In your video Marriage Insurance of May 12, 2014, you propose starting businesses profiting on future divorces. I was thinking of a perhaps somewhat less lucrative way: combining mgtow enlightenment with a business of that sort; being totally honest about the perils of marriage, but offering insurances (or similar) to people not taking the advice. But I see only a mountain of trouble ahead of such a plan, because, basically you need to be a wealthy bank before you can start an insurance business. You need capital to do that.

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9. VadimGuzhva – Cleaning

10. Nomad Soul – Adult man sings to the vacuum cleaner at home interior

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