The Off Grid Tiny House 86 Tight Wallet

Follow me as I turn a 48foot dry freight transport trailer into a small off grid home.I will show my progress as I go.
The IBC Totes are for harvesting rain water once I get further into the project.Off Grid Solar Power Solar Panels Wind Power Wind Turbine Rain Harvesting ™ Rain Catching Homestead Water Storage Water Treatment Action Self Sufficient Free Projects Prepping Preppers the Transport Trailer Recycling Reusing Tiny House Tiny Home Gravity Fed Water DIY Organic Craigslist NoN GMO NWO New World Order Project Small House Affordable Conspiracy rob mc Making Alex Jones Pallet Caravan to Midnight Wood Coast to Coast AM Updates Coast to Coast Camper Off Grid Homesteader Tiny House on Wheels World Mini apartment Review Inverters Battery Batteries Charge Controller Harbour Freight Propane

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Intro Created by: SuperSanch0

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