The Portable Baby Wrap Carrier – Demonstration of Cross Carry Tie by Laura

Stylish – Lightweight – Portable – Versatile – Always a Perfect Fit!

The Portable Baby Wrap Carrier is the ideal front carrier for little babies. Sleek, stylish, comfortable, supportive, and lightweight. Folds down to wallet-size. Ideal for newborns and smaller babies who get lost in other carriers. Always a perfect fit!

* Hold your newborn-to-20 pound baby close to your heart in a safe, supported, upright position. Great for babies with reflux.

* Specially woven custom cotton fabric has unidirectional stretch.

* Just slightly stretchy across the width of wrap for cuddling your baby and your shoulders…NOT stretchy down the length.

* Your wrap will stay sleek, snug and supportive, won’t bag, sag, or loosen up while wearing!

* Lightweight, strong, breathable and fast-drying.

* Slim-fitting fabric is great in hot weather, or under a winter coat. No excess bulk!

* Folds to wallet-size. Keep it in your purse or diaper bag!

* Middle of wrap is clearly marked with satin for quick, easy ties.

* Matching Wrap Sack included for free. No need to fold your wrap, simply start at one end and stuff it away in its sack! Stylish bag keeps your wrap clean and contained between uses.

* 5 yards long, 23 inches wide. 96% Cotton / 4% Spandex.

Wrap carriers allow for total flexibility in adapting to your baby’s age, muscle tone, moods and energy/interest level, as well as to your body type.

* If your baby is very alert, curious and active, then you can leave the arms untucked for full range of movement, and maximum ability to look around.

* If your baby is wanting to cuddle but still look around, then you can leave *one* arm untucked, which keeps your baby close to your heart but still allows movement and visibility.

* If baby is tired and wants maximum cuddling, or is newborn and needs lots of support, then wrap both arms inside.

* If baby is asleep and needs full head support, then wrap both arms AND tuck the head in as well, leaving the face exposed.

Once you put your TPB Wrap on, you can pop your baby in and out at lightning speed without any need to readjust in between. Perfect for around the house, running errands and shopping, ideal on planes and in airports.