Theft of a Parrot

Do you recognize this couple???

On Saturday, Dec 6th at approximately 1pm this pair without a conscience came into our store and, apparently, they believe they don’t need to pay for their Christmas gifts like the rest of us hard working folks. If you watch the red haired girl in the video closely you’ll see why.

The beautiful labradorite and pyrite gemstone parrot is a One of a Kind and hand carved in Peru. Ms. Sticky Fingers plopped into her big, pink purse at no charge was priced at $399,(Actual retail value would be $550) and I’m pretty sure he’s terribly unhappy in his new home! The unhappiness this poor parrot is feeling is minuscule compared to the karmic benefits this young lady will, no doubt reap in her career as a thief, along with the unwanted publicity she will be getting as we ask you to please, please, PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO and help us find this couple to get our bird back!
If you know of anyone who receives this as a Christmas gift please make them aware it is a Stolen One of a Kind Item.
The video is put together in several parts.
1st they enter the store.
2nd The theft @ 1/2 speed,
3rd shows them going to the area the item was taken and how long it took them……watch as he is told to be a look out.
4th is a repeat of the theft @ regular speed.
It is very obvious this was not random and they stole what they came in for. Again Please share this video so we get our bird back, Thanks.