Travel NInja Money Belt – Reviewed

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PRODUCT REVIEWED: Travel Ninja Travel Money Wallet (Amazon)


REASON: Low quality materials used in key places. Biggest issue is the RFID blocking fabric is lower grade fabric and may not be very dependable.

Rhino Outlet Travel Money Wallet

REASON: High Quality Materials in all key features and reasonably priced.


Traveling is almost a hobby and I have researched travel accessories and luggage.

In taking a look at this Travel Ninja Money Belt, I find that it is designed and constructed combining both high to medium quality with lower quality materials, and probably done so as to create a lower priced product that would function well.

This Travel Ninja actually fairs well in the lower priced money belt category on Amazon, as I’ve ordered some in this price range that have fallen apart after the first use.

Watch the video to see pros and cons.

The bag itself measures 10 inches by 5 inches, with the front zippered compartment being only 7.5 inches by 4 inches.

It is a bit difficult to check the stitch count per inch to see if it meets the quality standard of 7 inches per square inch, but it looks to be 5 to 7 stitches. It is made of a durable rip-stop fabric, which seems to be of a cotton and nylon blend and so it weighs more than some of my other money belts that are only nylon. The rip-stop fabric is water resistant and I poured water on it myself and the water did not soak into the bag.

The best thing about this money belt is that they put a sturdy and secure buckle on it. NOTE: If you ever get a money belt with a flimsy buckle or the one-button release, you may as well leave home without it.

Travel Ninja advertises this belt as having RFID blocking fabric, which means that digital pickpockets won’t be able to scan the chip on your credit card. HOWEVER, From my research on RFID blocking fabric, the Travel Ninja money belt uses a lower quality RFID blocking fabric. It should work fine to block chip scans but there could be some issues. I am not sure if I would use the belt internationally or in crowded areas in the USA and take chances on having my passport or credit card info stolen.

The zippers are sewn into the purse at a slant, which is odd, which may indicate that the machines used to construct this belt may have not been configured correctly. The logo on the front even looks to be at a weird angle. When I hold the belt in my hands and look at the front of it, it is obvious it was not cut and stitched using straight lines, however I turned it inside out and inspected every stitch and tugged on it and it actually seems to be sewn sturdily.

I think this bag would be more attractive when worn over my clothing if the Travel Ninja logo and company name on the front wasn’t so large and obtrusive. Men may be okay with it, but women tend to be more fashion savvy.

When traveling I usually conceal my money belt beneath my clothing or a jacket, which is how these items are designed and purposed. Money belts can also be worn over clothing, and I like to wear them over my clothing when jogging, shopping, or at festivals or themeparks for easy access to cash and items.

If you find this review helpful in any way, or you have questions, please comment below. My hope is to be able to help other shoppers make wise choices when it comes to their purchasing decisions.

I am not affiliated with the seller in any way and was not influenced by the seller to make the attached video or any statements contained in this review.