Travelling With Women – MGTOW

Years ago when I was travelling through Europe, Australia and Egypt for my photography work I would take package deals that would pay for my transportation, hotel and meals. It was a lot easier to photography places like Paris and Rome when I didn’t have to worry about setting up my accommodations and literally spending a week or two organizing my travels. And in a place like Egypt you can easily get kidnapped or killed in the rural parts of the country. And travel tours are great because I can be into the touristy spot, spend an hour taking pictures and then be off to the next place quickly. You have the safety of travelling in a group so other people in your group can watch for pick pockets. One of the shitty things about backpacking or taking travel tours is the number of women that also take such tours. It’s almost always more women then men. The ratio always seems to be around two women for every one man. I chalk that up to more women travelling then them but also because women prefer the safety of such groups. But I often found that women were a big distraction when travelling in groups. Because they wanted me to go shopping with
them, try different food at exotic restaurants and generally waste my time. I could rather spend my time seeing the sights and photographing them. The architecture and shots of city life are my favorite subjects. Today my tastes are different and I enjoy travelling to national parks, abandoned properties for urban exploration and places way off the beaten track where there are more animals then people. Back then I also I had a girlfriend back at home so she was constantly calling to check up on me. One time I spent fifteen minutes with her on my cel phone and got a two hundred dollar bill. All because she was feeling emotional and needing attention. I’m also sure she was worried that there
might be women on these tours and rightfully so. They were younger, more attractive and had sexy foreign accents. But the truth is they were some of the most spoiled princesses I’ve ever met. Women travelling the world in their early to mid twenties are doing it three ways. Either they are local, which means for them it’s relatively inexpensive, two they are getting into debt to do it and three they have rich parents that are paying for it. Past the age of twenty five the next age group above that are women in their forties. Women in their late twenties and thirties are too busy raising families and working to be travelling around the world.