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Now that I have that out of the way today I want to talk about True Forced Loneliness. When I first heard the term and learned that it meant guys that couldn’t get dates and were bitter about it. This reminds me of a group of geeky guys in high school that were angry all the time. And when I was dating women they would get
really angry with me and the girls I was with. I didn’t realize that they were building a hatred towards women because women wouldn’t give them any attention and there I was with a different girlfriend two to three times each of my high school years. So what are my thoughts on the TFL or True Forced Loneliness guys? On the surface They appear to be older, poorer and less educated then the majority of Men Going Their Own Way out there. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Those are just the guys I see online. I know a few TFLers in real life and they are engineers and computer programmers and they are overweight and women don’t look at them at all. Even the overweight and morbidly obese women
marginalize them. But the main difference between my friends unable to get dates and the TFLers is they love to talk about conspiracies. I’m not sure how the lack of companionship is forcing true force loneliness guys to start talking about the New World Order and that feminism is out to get them. God knows I hate feminism just as much as them. The most outspoken guy, probably the leader or godfather of the TFL group is a guy called bill1224601. And what he says in one of his videos that I’m adding to the description below. According to Bill true forced loneliness is “What people go through when the opposite sex denies that person a life.” He says that being alone not by choice but
because no one wants to be with you causes people to tear themselves up from the inside out. And that their emotions change them from the inside out. They start to hate the opposite sex because they never get the chance for companionship. When they want to hold someone’s hand they are forced to hold their own. When they want to hug someone they are forced to hug themselves. The similarity between MGTOWs and TFL guys is that Men going their own way is that they both go from a state where they are attracted and hopeful of relationships with the opposite sex. But we both reach the same conclusions. TFLers start hating women because they don’t give them the time of day. MGTOW men when they take the red pill may start hating women because women gave them the time of day. The difference is that many MGTOWs make peace with female nature to a great extent. But I see TFL guys reaching the same conclusion as mgtow men from the opposite end. As men what are we to do? Some men that are perpetually single beyond their own choice are miserable and lonely, men in relationships are miserable. You can often see the pain in their eyes and many men going their own way are miserable. Being in relationships sucks and not being in them sucks as well because you’re not getting emotional needs met. But the danger of having a girlfriend is that you might get her pregnant or she will probably ask you for marriage at some point if you are with her. Even if she says she doesn’t want it at the beginning of your experience dating. The situation is clearly that there is no simple answer. And if there was an answer it wouldn’t suit every man because we are all so different. Some guys are perfectly happy not getting affection and attention from women.

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