“Two Songs & A Few Adds About SupeBeer” Live Uncut & UnEdited @ VTV Live 24/7

2 Kool OneTimers Invenrted Live on Stage in “theSupeZone”John Roles of the Band Chillwack & Dave Worxx Intro “I Need a Beer Right Now” & “My Wallet is Dry”,Plus “SupeBeer” Outakes in amist it all,First Tune has Benjie Kickin’ the “Pearls’,Micheal Nesmith on “Teley Bass”
,,Bob Wyatt on “Telecaster” & Dave Worxx on “Les Paul” then the Second Song has Phil DeMarsh on “Telecaster” ,,Peter DeVries on “Pre”,,Jon Clement on “Strat” & Benjie Kickin’ the “Pearls”,,both clips filmed @ Paul & Friends Jus’ Jammin’ Mondays @ the Army,Navy & AirForce Veterans Club,,Cheers to the Troops