Ukraine, freedom, dating scams, thieves, dating advise, & related thoughts – 2-20-2014

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Oh my. The place is trashed. What’s my impression of Ukraine?

1. Some normal honest people.
2. A great number of thieves present. Here’s one example:

In Portland I met a very nice family from Ukraine. Before coming to my senses and marrying a nice woman from China, I went on some blind dates with some Ukraine women. Some were normal. Some were just wanted a free meal / date. And at least one or two were outright thieves.

Also the wallet drop scam was tried on me in downtown Kiev right near the central square where a lot of the fighting is currently happening.

Why does Moscow care so much about Kiev? Because that’s where their ancestors came from. But if they want to all be Ukrainian at heart why did they move to Moscow?

Russians want Ukraine to essentially be & remain a de facto Russian state / province. But a lot of Ukrainians don’t appreciate the boot of Putin.

In a bar in Odessa I remember one man telling me “we just want people outside of Ukraine to view it like it’s a regular normal country.”

If the protests succeed and if the place can be one where the former PM is not imprisoned by the current president and so on, then perhaps the man’s dream can come true.

As for the dating scam women and all of the wallet dropping scam men, I rather hope they all move somewhere else. Maybe to Putin’s neighborhood.

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Tales Of Old Odessa: Crime And Civility In A City Of Thieves

City of thieves indeed. There are normal down to Earth honest people in Ukraine, but they are unfortunately surrounded by a bunch of crooks. Maybe the normal people want to throw the crooks out.

2-20-2014 7:35am and afternoon

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