Universal wallet case (review)

This is the best 5″ universal wallet case I have found. It fits my LG Optimus ShowTime phone very well. The phone slides into the case easily and can be taken out by simply pushing the phone to the left. The dimensions of a phone that can fit is: Width 2 3/8 – 2 7/8 inches, Length 4 5/8 – 5 3/8 inches, and Depth 0 – 3/8 inch. If the phone is not 5 inches it slides around a little vertically. The 3 credit card slots have foam in them so cards are not scratched when they are taken in and out. The stitching has a professional look and will not fall apart. It is well worth the money.

Website: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00X5FRSE8

Product details:
Cooper Cases PIX Universal 5″ Smartphone Wallet Case

Dimensions: 3.5 x 0.9 x 5.6 inches
Weight 75g or 2.6 oz
universally compatible

-Leather feel
-Professional strong stitching
-Strong flexible plastic
-Foam on back and in pockets

Phone dimensions
-width 2 3/8 – 2 7/8 inches
-length 4 5/8 – 5 3/8 inches
-depth 0 – 3/8 inches

Phone holster
-Adjustable width
-Stretchable elastic band stitched in
-Speaker holes in plastic
-Holes for taking pictures
-sliding rail
-2 magnets for cover closing

-3 credit card slots with one see though window
-Secret pocket for important information or coins
-wallet in the top of the case is like a normal wallet
-2 Sim and micro sd card holders
-A large pocket behind the wallet for notes or large pieces of paper

-The magnets don’t keep the flap closed very well when the 3 credit card slots are full.
-If the phone has a top right hand on/off button that is not on the side you can’t reach it because the plastic corner is in the way.