Vinh Tien Garment Co., Ltd

We were stolen money in the hand bag while arriving Vinh Tien Garment Co., Ltd located at E5 / 1 Nguyen Huu Tri. Tan Tuc Town – Binh Chanh Dist. HCM to negotiate the possibility for business co-operation.

The experiences that I represent all members in my group to tell you here was really terrible. On 10.05.2013, we, a delegation of 5 members visited and audit Vinh Tien Garment Co., Ltd located at E5 / 1 Nguyen Huu Tri. Tan Tuc Town – Binh Chanh Dist. HCM to buy garments for export to Europe. We arrived this factory at around 15:40. After a brief introduction about the factory. The Indian-nationality Deputy Director suggested us to take the tour around their factory. (All team members brought hand-bags and laptop along for the business trip – when taking the tour for sight seeing their production lines, everybody took the handbag along but the Indian Deputy Director reassure that we can leave bags inside the meeting room, no need to carry it along … and everyone left her bag inside the room, just follow him to the production site). It took about 40 minutes for sight seeing the production sites. Then we came back to the meeting room for more discussing. We was talking for a long period before we left …. no one realized what was unusual happened with their bags during the time they went to the production lines, some employee of this factory entered the room rummaged through all the bags and stolen everybody’s money ….. On the way returning to the hotel in District 1. TP. HCM after left this factory, 1 crew members opened the bag and found her wallet containing money had been opened not closed properly (this is very unusual because this lady is very careful, she never leaves her wallet in such status after use). She announced this problem to all members. Opening the wallets … everybody was shocked because all money in the wallet was gone or in other words it was gone with the wind. (we just have paid for lunch before arriving to this company (we had a late lunch), after lunch then headed to Vinh Tien Garment Co., Ltd, and all the money was tied carefully with rubber band).
Make a phone call to Vinh Tien Garment Company (Indian Deputy Director) told him the situation happened. He told us that it was out of working hours and then he told us to come back the next morning to check the camera recorded. He also told us, there are 2 camera installed in 2 ways which lead to the meeting room. It means that any body who enter this room in any of these 2 ways also be recorded… they also promised to be responsible for what happens at their factory … but till today, it is almost 2 weeks passed since the day we visited their place and what happened sounds still in vain. They did not even feed back or let us know what process their side are dealing with to settle this case. Sharing this stupid experiences which we had for your reference. This is the video recorded by the mobile phone when we came back to their factory the next day to check all the recorded together with them. Probably it is not very clear, but at least people can understand part of the story and should be careful when going to places like this … should not trust to leave one’s property anywhere as our case.

The total amount we were stolen at this factory is around USD 1000, not a big sum but they stole our trust with them.