Weed & Women – MGTOW

First of all let me discuss the idea that making weed is some feminist conspiracy. I don’t think it is but it certainly has elements of gynocentrism to it. I believe that cannabis was made illegal to protect corporate profits through the sale of cigarettes, cotton clothing and industrial chemicals. Cannabis can also grow in soils that aren’t the best quality so it can be grown almost anywhere. So even the most traditionally unproductive land can grow it. Mexicans also tended to smoke the plant in the southwest United States in the early twentieth century so I think to some extent the farmers in that region thought if they got rid of the plant then they would get rid of the Mexicans moving to the southwest. And we’ve seen how well that’s worked over the last one hundred years. Criminilization was racially motivated as well to a certain extent. The newspaper magnate Hearst also published articles claiming that black men were more likely to raping white women when they were smoking weed. Harry J. Anslinger also testified in front of congress saying that “Marijuana is the most violence causing drug in the history of mankind.” The goal was to scare people in power
into criminalizing it. But in 1948 he contradicted himself by saying that Marijuana users become peaceful and pacifists and that Communists would use marijuana to weaken America’s will to fight the red menace. So clearly this drug changes depending on the politician trying to make it illegal. Using the argument that weed made men violent most certainly got female approval for the prohibition of this plant. But I think the real reason it was made illegal is due to the fact that it made people more dependent on the oil industry for fuel. The cotton industry for clothing and Dupont chemicals for plastics and paints and other things that could be made from the plant. If anyone else has any other
stories leave them in the comments section. I strongly believe it was a big business conspiracy and not a feminist one that made cannabis illegal. With regards to women that I know that are pot smokers. Come to think of it that supposed nawalt that I know is a regular pot smoker. That could have something to do with her views and her ability to do long term thinking. But she doesn’t have any kids so I’m not sure she would smoke if she had them.

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