What’s In My Bag…. (Kinda)

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ok now that thats out of the way hey guys whats up! I’m uploading this on saturday instead of friday because i finished editing it around 2am so I didn’t want to have to wait until 5am till it would fully upload so i hope u guys can understand and also SORRY FOR MISSING LAST WEEK i am just so reliable well no i will tell u what happened basically i filmed a video edited it watched it back and it wasn’t funny so i filmed something else but when i played it back (I MAY SOUND VERY VAIN) but i looked terrible like omg u know when u just look @ urself and go ‘ew’ well that was me ok so there was no way i could upload it i hope u forgive me if u don’t then i don’t blame u its ok anyway so i hope u realise that this video is sarcastic btw i don’t actually keep any of that stuff in my bag!!!! well my wallet i do but the rest i usually leave LOL april fools!!! wait its june shit omg i can’t stop crying it is june which means next month it is july which means i GO TO GREECE AND I WILL BE VLOGGING AND HAVING A GREAT TIME!!! WHOS EXCITED!!! I HOPE U BECAUSE IF ITS JUST ME THEN OH GOD THAT’S EMBARRASSING. ANYWAY IM PROBABLY GONNA GO NOW (BTWWWW I MADE THIS VIDEO 8 MINS LONG BECAUSE I FELT BAD FOR MISSING LAST WEEKS VIDEO SO I DIDNT WANNA MAKE IT 4 MINUTES OR SOMETHING, I HOPE THAT MAKES UP FOR IT MAYBE) also do we like the lighting in this video??? be honest lemme know in the comments otherwise i’ll just go back to using natural lighting instead of this more professional feel the only reason I’m not too keen on using natural lighting to film is because if its cloudy one minute it will be white in the room then yellow then like bloody purple because of the sun so this keeps things in balance but i can work with it BUT YEAH LEMME KNOW UR HONEST OPINION (i almost wrote onion then omg) ok i gotta go stay cute xoxo

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