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and its Taylor Gang or DIE/Taylor made niggahs like we wear suits n TIES/
tryna RIDE with the plans we 2 FLY/N IM only reppin a niggah not really SIGNED/after all this reppin the better sign my ASS/PEDAL 2 da METAL accelerate foot on da GAS/BONG JOINTS N MY GAS MASK/is in the TRUNK N da SKUNKS in da BAG/if da police pull me OVA weed car in my VISOR/in they face rollin up pull out My LITER/ Ha imma fool something like APRIL/FIRST,off my FLOW sticky like MAPLE/N dats all i smoke ON,release da weed SMOKE/like GUCCI said its so GROSS, MAKE me Coff N CHOKE/ take Another TOKE,N les get ON wit DA SHOW

verse 2
this is just a cover song to my FAVORITE POT HEAD/yeah shout out to my NIggah WIZ,taylor gang sign me im all about my BIZ/GEARS SHIFT,N im LIFTED like a PICK UP/writtin LYRICS till im rich BITCH or its gone be a STICK UP/Leave her WET smoke a BLUNT hope on my private JET/ LETS, JET, like CURRENSY or SKYDIVER/i LITE FIRE, just to get a LIL HIGHER/tite rope catchin me walkin dem WIRES/ CIRC DES OLE freaky bitches tryna roll wit us like TIRES/ONLY THING I NEED is my KAR KEYS wallet n 1 ONF MY LITTERS/smokin kush, LEAVE da STRESS ALONE/COVER SONG like a bum puttin ON COLGNE/DUMB SWAG so tell me where my HELMET AT/ tryna take of with the planes hope i DONT CRASH

BAD BITCHES, tryna hope on our TOUR BUS/ hope the girl at home DONT find out or else WE DONE/oh well im here 2 HAVE FUN/ 5 Dime bitches all ready 2 CUM/ ROLL UP ANOTHER 1 lets make our face NUMB/FACEIN challenges MOUTAINS we gone CLIMB EM/ARMY STRONG,no OBSTICLE,can stop me from REACHIN MY GOALS/ where my OSCAR at im here for the GOLD/nope IM really here for the SOULS, DEVIL let em GO/ ha SHAWTY wanna ride tell her buckle UHP/OPEN up my GLOVE box tell TWIST SUMFIN UHP/ Mortal Kombat FLOW, im SMOKE,yu just a CLONE/A noob for THOSE, who KNEW/ or played The Game im tryna get IN IT/elevator door boutta CLOSE tell em wait a MINUTE/TO da TOP PRESIDENTAL n IM PRESIDENTED/