Women’s Stuff – MGTOW

A couple of days ago someone suggested that I cover the topic of how women take care of their personal and work related stuff. After he said this it was like a giant bell or gong was going off in my head. My personal opinions have been confirmed because I’ve been witnessing women mistreating their personal belongings and items of utility value. It’s very similar to the way they treat men. If she treats the back seat of her car like a garbage dump and leaves month old McDonald’s wrappers there without picking them up then how do you think she’s going to treat you? From my past experience that seems to be true. My two long term ex girlfriends over the last fifteen years left terrible messes in our apartments. One of them would leave her clothing all over the floor, piles of dishes everywhere and didn’t take care of anything. The other worked as a makeup artist and had a closet filled with old makeup. When she was finished using her makeup she wouldn’t throw it away. Instead she would just leave it in the closet until the makeup in the closet was piled so high that you could barely open or close the door without something falling out. What’s more the makeup
she used in her professional jobs was in good shape so she could show off the quality and cleanliness of her brushes and makeup products. But the wheeled container that housed that makeup had a a missing wheel and she would drag it around with a missing wheel and she didn’t seem to care about that fact. As a photographer I too take great care to make sure my camera lenses, camera bodies are always clean and ready to go. And my batteries are always charged for all of my equipment. But the major difference between how we conducted our business dealings had to do with the bags our work gear was housed in. Some of my camera bags are almost twenty years old and that includes my tripods and about half of my lighting gear. And they all work and are functional. Yet her makeup bag was falling apart after only six months to a year. Her stuff was always newer but looked four times as old.I was also using five year laptops that were five
years old. In fact I’m typing this out on a computer that I got back in two thousand and eight. Mind you I do have newer computers for video editing but I don’t usually throw away my computers until they are no longer capable of getting the job done. If the computer is slow I reformat it. If that doesn’t work then it’s time to retire my computer.