YENTL’S STORY (Part 2) • Her Broken Home • A Transsexual Woman in Malaysia

Yentl is a transsexual woman living in Malaysia. In Part 2 she describes her family situation, living with her supportive grandfather and loving aunt. “Are they really my real parents?”

“My mom is Thai-Chinese. My grandmother is from Trang. She’s really Thai. My grandfather is Chinese. My father is Indian-Muslim. I have one sister. I’m the eldest. We were middle class but there wasn’t any love going on. There was always arguing. There’s no space for compromising. There’s always arguing and fighting. I was living with my grandfather – my grandfather was a very stanch catholic person. He gave me a good education. He helped me a lot. he helped shaped me. My auntie is more than a mother to me. My mom, my dad, couldn’t be bothered. They didn’t even give a cent to me.”

Yentl’s life spans from abused child to sex worker to (now) a professional in the tourism industry. Her story highlights the hardships which transgender persons face in just being themselves – especially in the developing world (Malaysia).