Review on Justice Tapes! Dibs to Jwallets!

Hey everyone! So this is MY review on my new Justice Tapes I got last week. I decided to try them out and make something with them last night and I wanted to tell you all how I felt about them. You see last week I saw a video on a fellow duct taper channel..Jwallets! He’s totally awesome and he does fantastic wallets and he showed his new tapes from Justice he just got..and shortly afterwards he had another video on dont buy these tapes..I decided to take a chance and try one of them out and I was able to make something with it just fine..but when I tried to use another tape it totally ripped! Ack! I should’ve listened to him but I took my own chance and tried to save it..I was able too but seriously I wouldn’t buy these tapes..they cost too much and they give u practically nothing and they rip easily..they’re very thin..thinner than Duck Brands packing tape..but I will say they are super pretty tapes and if ur willing to spend da money, have patience and ready to bare da fact dat they will rip ur all good..otherwise..don’t buy these tapes! So yes, dibs to Jwallets on da warning..but hey, mine worked…so maybe they all can’t be dat bad..but I don’t think I’d buy them again..

But if u can subscribe to Jwallets..he has great videos and tutorials on Duct Tape..subscribe to me too! Thanx guys! 🙂